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Earth Sense Kokonut Disc or Coin or Plug

Cocopeat Disc is excellent for seeds & cuttings in kitchen gardening and nurseries. Made from matured coconut husk. It is mainly used as a potting soil for Home-Gardening purposes and available in various weights and different dimensions. Soak or add water until the pressed disc expands to required volume. The composted coir discs need no fertilizer, therefore it is suitable for quicker seed-germination.

Product Description

Coir peat Disc has strong ability to make any plants, to grow flower seeds germination.
These compressed coir coin/pellets are particularly convenient because you don’t need soil or pots.
Just drop the pellet into warm water and it expands to several times its original, making it ready for planting immediately.

When the plants have grown to size, you can drop the whole thing directly into the ground or into a planter.