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Earth Sense Kokonut Coir Fiber Pot – Bio Degradable Planters

  • Our Coir fiber pots are natural fibres which will break down quite quickly.
  • Allowing plants to be raised and planted out directly with the coir pot.
  • Once in the soil, the pot rots away and the plant can grow on undisturbed.
  • Coir pots take about 2 months to fully degrade but the plant roots are able to grow through the fibres.

Product Description

Coir fiber pot/ Bio degradable pot:
Earth Sense Agro’s coir fiber pots are made from the husk of a coconut shell and the coir pots are compressed, dried fibre, which are available in many sizes to suit seed propagation and potting on.

These types of pot are ideal for plants that do not like their roots disturbed such as; leeks, parsnip, cucumber and broad beans. The seeds are sown singly in each pot and allowed to develop into young plants, when the time comes to plant out, the whole thing can just be put in the soil where the plant will reach maturity.