About us

We adopt 3R Principle for our entire operations and our “Reuse Principle” is ensuring the reduction of waste pile up from the virgin products. As a result of our “Reuse Programme”  Earth Sense Shopping brings you a wide range of refurbished products for your merchandise. Our online shopping makes easier to buy our products according to your needs from your own location itself.

To know 3R Principle


Reduce: More than 97% of the weight of retired electronics that we collect, is dismantled and segregated into raw materials that are further processed for manufacturing new products. This way, we play an integral role in reducing the amount of waste that is directed to landfills.


: By enabling the extension of existing product life cycles and cutting down on the manufacture of new ones, we help bring about greater environmental sustainability and lesser expenditure for the society. In the event that we are unable to reuse the whole unit, we work towards the reusability of individual components.



Recycle: When the components are beyond the stage of remarketing or reusing, we subject them to recycling. Towards this, we have a meticulous recycling process in place which deploys the most environmentally sound techniques for the safety of our people and the eco-system, and allow the recovery of the highest amount of raw material, thereby enabling the most optimum recycling efficiency. Thus, the greater objective of conserving nature’s finite resources is effectively met.


Our Mission: Accomplishing excellence in the market of electronic refurbished goods. Earth Sense role as a is imperative to reduce pollution, cut the quantity of virgin natural resources extracted from the planet, reduce energy and water consumption, minimize greenhouse gas emissions, and more.

Our Vision: Earth Sense in dedicated to solve the 3R Principles in which reusing the components and products of the electronic gadgets is the prime objective.